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Weekly Workouts

with Jilly

Weekly Workouts with Jilly is a subscription based program that allows you to workout at anytime, from anywhere, with limited equipment.

Enjoy the luxury of being able to open your Workout with Jilly App every Sunday and seeing 4 new workouts each week.

Sign-up today and get access to this weeks workouts immediately. All you need is 30 minutes!


Are you ready to join me and take your workouts to the next level?

Let's take a look at what to expect when opening the app and getting to your workout!

About this Program


Workout from anywhere at anytime! This workout program was designed so you can access your workout at anytime of day. No need to wait for a class time to start, feeling intimidated at the gym, or letting traffic stand in the way of getting to your workout. Open the app, look on the schedule and complete the workout when you're ready!


I know that doing the same routine week after week can get a little boring. This workout program is filled with new movements each week to keep you motivated and excited. Some workouts are focused on resistance training and strength, while other workouts are focused on circuit-style and high intensity to keep that heart pumping.


There will be 4 new weekly workouts uploaded to your app every 7 days from when you sign-up, each ranging from 25-30 minutes long. This will allow you to complete workouts that best fit your schedule and allow you to complete other activities such as cardio or rest on the other 2 days of the week.

In the app you can track your progress, form, and weight used for all exercises. There will also be video demonstrations for all exercises so you will know exactly what to do.


All you need is your body, a set of dumbbells, and a yoga mat.

Here's what I recommend:
1x set of light dumbbells

1x set of heavy dumbbells

1x yoga mat

1x sturdy chair or box

1x glute band


Upon joining the Weekly Workouts Bootcamp, you will also be joining the Workout with Jilly Facebook Community where you will be able to post about progress, ask any questions, seek advice and support, and connect with others on the same journey as you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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