Here's what is included in The Getting Started Bundle:

*Nutrition 101: In this guide you will learn all about the basics with nutrition (protein, fats, carbs), tips on how to reduce processed foods, how to properly hydrate and why it is important, and what to eat before and after a workout. ($41 value)

*3 Month Habit Tracker: Print out 3 months worth of habits to help you understand what you need to do every day to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It is not always about doing the most with your fitness or spending hours in the gym or kitchen. It is so much more with that, and this tracker will help keep you accountable and learn how easily you can integrate health into your every day routine. ($12 value)

*Workout Guide: In this guide you will learn all about the basics of working out. I will give you examples of a workout split and workout plan, proper mindset, common terminology, progressive overload, RPE, and tempo training. You will have a 5 day workout routine for 2 weeks! These workouts will all come with a link to a video demonstration of the exercises so you will know exactly what to do. ($75 value)

Getting Started Bundle