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Ready to turn up the heat with your fitness goals?

Private coaching is a fully customized program containing both nutrition and workout plans designed specifically for you and your goals.

No plan is cookie cutter!

I will work with you personally to be sure you get results, feel amazing in your own skin, and learn how to be fit for life! Our plans are not “quick fixes” but rather a method designed to help you live a healthy and fit lifestyle.


What private coaching includes:

  • Custom macros with explanations of my methods and teaching you all the basics of nutrition

  • Weekly check ins with your coach, including macro adjustments as needed

  • Text and phone call support and access to your coach to answer any questions and encourage you along your journey

  • Customized workout plans geared towards your personal goals

  • Access to my training app for your customized workout plans. The app includes a workout calendar, video demonstrations of every single exercise, habit tracking, ability to track your workout progress, and much more!

  • Cardio recommendations and guidelines

  • Grocery list, meal ideas, and how to track macros e-book

  • Community group chat with others in the program

  • Monthly zoom calls for education and support

  • Education, Accountability, Support, & Community - Everything you need to be successful!

  • 4, 8, or 12 month plans available (payment plans available)

Please fill out the application below to get started and join the Workout with Jilly team today! Don't wait to change your life!

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