Workout with Jilly
Group Coaching Program

Next start date: January 17, 2022

The Workout with Jilly Group Coaching Program is my 6-week signature coaching program designed to help take your at-home training to the next level!

For 6 weeks, you will be challenged with resistance and circuit-style workouts, become educated and mentored with custom tailored nutrition, and learn the proper mindset in how to crush your goals!


I am so excited to coach and mentor you on how to properly move your body

and create a life full of passion and balance.

Who is the

Workout with Jilly

Group Coaching

Program for?


Group Coaching is for you

if you are:

  • struggling with accountability and motivation


  • struggling with confidence


  • struggling with yo-yo dieting and food guilt


  • struggling in your fitness journey and need guidance on how to keep progressing

What's included in the Workout with Jilly Group Coaching Program?


  • 6 weeks of workouts custom to your schedule with 6 days a week of workouts

  • All workouts can be done at home or in a gym setting

  • Access to mobile app to track results and view your plan

  • Video demonstrations and instructions for each exercise

  • Assigned sets, reps, time, rest, and intensity

  • Note progress and mark workouts as complete


  • 6 weeks of nutrition coaching with bi-weekly check-in from Coach Jilly

  • Assigned calorie + macro goals for your fat loss or muscle gain goal

  • Choose your own meals

  • Nutrition E-book with meal ideas

  • My Fitness Pal Integration

Mobile App Access:

  • Group messaging center

  • All workouts and check-ins are scheduled so you don't miss a thing

  • Results tracking with body measurements, sleep, steps, and photos

  • Help + support

Equipment Needed:

  • Bodyweight

  • 1x pair of light dumbbells

  • 1x pair of heavy dumbbells

  • 1x Glute Band

  • Yoga Mat

  • Sturdy Chair/Low Table/Box/Bench

Optional Equipment Needed:

  • 1x light resistance bands

  • 1x heavy resistance bands

  • 1x light kettlebell

  • 1x heavy kettlebell

  • Ankle Weights



Once you apply for group coaching, Coach Jilly will be in touch with you to talk about your fitness, nutrition, and mindset goals. Please allow 24 hours from the time you apply to get a response from Coach Jilly. Check your spam box for your email.